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    As you navigate our sloppy-ass page, we hope you'll do so with thoughts on how you may be able to get involved in Project Biscotti.  At our hearts, we are nothing more than weirdos who enjoy creating and having fun, and our mission, if you have to have one, is to spread the joy and freedumb that comes with taking the stage and putting on a show.  And if you're only means or want for getting involved is to come out and see shows or help us post flyers, share events, or book shows.  Please believe that it is greatly appreciated, and always needed.  
   Thank you, again.  We hope to hear from, as well as, see, you real soon...ENJOY!



CrEeP MaMa


The Gang:

   Welcome to the Home of Project Biscotti.  Whether by accident or intentionally, we are glad you found your way to our site and thank you for investigating it further.  Herein, you will find all you ever wanted to know about the Gonzo Punk band and its mutant, gypsy members.  
   For those of you unfamiliar with us, we are a group of like-minded 'artists' who believe that boundaries are not something that should ever be applied to creativity, as evidenced by our music; Which carelessly crosses from genre to genre, mixing and matching pieces as we feel them.  Everything from classic country western and southern rock/blues to punk rock, rap, and deth metal.  
  Another thing about Biscotti is that we are a Project...meaning that we are always looking for new ways to evolve and grow our music, and therefore we always welcome artists to contact us if they would like to try contributing in some fashion.  Be it musical, dance, performance, or artsy-whatever, we welcome anyone and everyone to get involved in what we're doing.  After all, art of all sorts is EVERYONE'S to enjoy and create.  
    Now, Lest I ramble on and on, what say we move on to some visual fun.  Here is Project Biscotti performing I'm The One, By Glenn Danzig @ The Empty Glass on Donnie Smith's Open Mic:


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